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The DDS Cars Programme has been designed to support those who have served our country within the MOD. This includes those who currently serve in the Royal Navy, Army, RAF,and Royal Marines, as well as those who are registered as reservists, and all MOD Personnel. It also covers veterans who have served a minimum of 4 years continuous service, having their past service verified by the MOD.

The Programme will give all Skoda dealers across the country the opportunity to compete in an area of the market historically dominated by Ford and Vauxhall dealers, offering specific terms to military personnel. Our programme also gives you as a Skoda dealer a fleet style sale that actually leaves you with a reasonable margin for your efforts. We hope you will all get behind the DDS Cars programme and use it as the valuable tool is has been designed to be for the high street dealer.

Skoda UK DDS Cars Dealer Outline:

  • The DDS Cars programme is ONLY available to customers who have a DDS Privilege card.
  • The programme is run by Griffin Military & Diplomatic
  • Proofs of DDS cards will be taken directly by Griffin as well as copies of Passports to prove ID.
  • All orders will either be placed by the customer with Griffin, and Griffin will then order directly with you, the Skoda Dealer, or they will order with you in the showroom in the normal way using our DDS pricing.
  • Griffin will administrate the DDS paperwork involved during the customers order.
  • Dealers are free to sell any add-ons including paint protection and GAP insurance. These will be invoiced by you, the dealer, separately from the new car
  • All dealers will be given first refusal on all part exchanges, regardless of age and mileage. Please let Griffin know if you do not wish to take in the potential part exchange, and we will organise its pricing and removal.
  • Whilst you cannot use subsidised finance rates or retail programmes, you are still able to sign the customer up to Skoda Finance at normal rate, and on non-subsidised Skoda PCP. Again, please let us know if you do not want to do this and we will organise military financing instead.
  • Cars will earn a set percentage, and count towards target, in accordance to most new fleet sales. This pricing will leave you 2% retained margn, as well as £45 from our on the road costs charged to our customer
  • Any dealer looking to convert a DDS sale into a retail sale will be removed from the programme, without exception to dealer size or location.

What to do when you get a customer:

  • If you have a customer come in who identifies themselves as a DDS or Military ID card holder please ask to see their card in the first instance. A DDS Member can be an online member without a card, but they must obtain a DDS card prior to collecting their car. We will not release ANY car without a DDS Card and a Passport of proof of ID. If the customer has not yet got a DDS card, Griffin can help them to obtain one from DDS.
  • Please offer the customer a test drive or assistance as required in the normal way
  • Once the customer has decided on the vehicle of interest, please contact Griffin on the phon, or use the below DDS price lists to establish the correct DDS price. Griffin will ascertain the customers DDS eligibility, and card membership, and then quote you for their desired vehicle specification.
  • Once the customer has agreed the deal you will take a deposit from them in the normal way, get them to sign an order form and and supporting documentation, and then complete the Griffin Dealer Order Form below.
  • We will then give you a tracking / order number for any further communications with Griffin
  • Please then order the car in the normal way, using our RFO Code, which is RFO 100266

The order process:

  • You will complete the Skoda Dealer Order Form below, and we will give you a tracking number
  • We will send you an order confirmation confirming your DDS pricing. Please sign the order confirmation and fax or email it back. This confirms your acceptance of the DDS order and also the specification.
  • You will purchase or invoice any part exchange separately from the new car at the price agreed with yourselves and our customer.

After vehicle has been ordered:

  • Griffin will liaise with you while the vehicle is on order. We will also coordinate any insurance documents required, (although ARFL no longer requires a copy of insurance to register, we have found that some dealers are still obtaining copies). Please let us know what you wish to have from us.
  • If the customer is taking a military loan we will arrange for finance documents to be sent to you prior to collection. If the customer is using Skoda Finance it will be invoiced in the normal way.
  • Once the vehicle has arrived at your dealership Griffin will arrange for full payment from either ourselves, the customer, or military finance..
  • Whilst the onus is on Griffin to make sure we have the correct proofs of identity for audit purposes, it would be helpful for any possible if you too kept copies of DDS cards in your deal files. Please note however you are not allowed to copy in any way a MOD90 (British Forces identity card). This would be in breach of M.O.D. Standing Orders, and is strictly prohibited.

Prior to Delivery:

  • Prior to registration you will be asked by our admin department for the registration number you intend to use for the customer.
  • Griffin will liaise with the customer to make sure everything is in order for their collection

Post Delivery:

  • After collecting their new Skoda, Griffin will write to the customer to make sure that they were happy with the car and your general service. They will be invited to give us their feedback via our DDS Cars website form. Please make sure you look after our DDS customer in the same way you would any normal retail customer. We will report back to Skoda UK any dealer found to have any short comings. We will of course contact you first for your comments in any individual case prior to contacting Skoda UK.


  • Griffin will invoice you, the Skoda dealer, for commission based on the selling price to the customer and the Griffin discounted price from yourself. For example: If we have sold a car at £15,495 to the customer, and our cost from you is £15,000 including all our Skoda UK central support and the 12% margin from yourself, we will then invoice you for £495, being the difference from the £15495 you have taken in and the cost of the car from you at £15,000.
  • Invoices should be paid within 7 days of receipt. Dealers not paying these invoices in the correct requested time frame will be warned and then removed from the programme for repeat late payments.

Your profit per deal:

  • All cars count
  • You will retain 2% from your 14% dealer margin.

Dealer order form:

  • Dealers wishing to just order a car for a customer in the showroom can do so by clicking the below form link.
  • Griffin will contact you as soon as possible in order to start the process for the DDS member, and confirm your order.

Above anything else:

  • Please remember Griffin is here to assist you as a dealer in capturing as much additional business as possible in a constructive and profitable way.
  • While some dealers will get us email or fax you and order from time to time, our main efforts go into driving our card members into you as a dealer. They will then explain they have a DDS card.
  • Our aim is to have a sustainable and profitable programme for all whilst at the same time increasing Skoda UK’s market share within the Military & Diplomatic market, and offering our military and diplomatic personnel special pricing.
  • Please remember this is a partnership, and as such, we will listen to you. If you have any questions about the programme, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly with your thoughts or ideas.